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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Inspiring a Love of Nature

There are so many people who love nature who are working to preserve it.  So many people....but don't we all love nature?  After all, we are part of nature ourselves.  So this is a job for all of us!

This spring we are planning a butterfly garden at our elementary school.  As part of an artist in residency program, we will be able to work with a muralist who will help the children create an educational mural that reflects what they see in the garden.  It will be a way to draw them outside more often and a way for them to learn to love what they find there.

In today's technological world, this is becoming more important than ever.  There is so much to be gained from nature.  The impact of instilling a love of nature in a child is priceless.  Children sharing this inspiration with parents and grandparents and whole communities is even better.

In life, there often seem to be two sides at odds with each other, whether it be in government, religion or when the environment is at stake.  We are often at odds without knowing how close we all are to the same we are all the same inside.  Let's all come together.....perhaps in the garden!