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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Recycling Really Matters (and Ways to Drink in Public)

My 10 year old son just completed an independent study project on recycling.  As part of his work, he started a website that I wanted to share with you:

He will keep updating it and adding links, so please check back.

Our whole family learned a lot from the information he shared.  One thing that really strikes me is how much better we can do at recycling things that are "closed-loop" like aluminum cans....wouldn't it be great if we recycled them all?!?  And how much paper ends up in our landfills....Much of which we could probably do without or reuse or definitely recycle.  And then there's plastic....The more information I read about plastic, the more convinced I am that we should find better alternatives where we can.  There are so many places we CAN find better alternatives.  Everyone had to bring a snack for their presentations at school.  I sent orange slices (and composted the peels) which were devoured almost instantly.  We didn't really need a drink since the oranges were juicy.  Which leads to my next thought....

For every activity we have at school, there is always a list of things to bring and 'water bottles' is always on the list.  Has anyone found an alternative to this?  I know the BYO bottle solution will have a tough time gaining popularity at our school based on feedback I've gotten from members of our PTO.  What ever happened to water fountains?  We have one but it seems nobody EVER uses it....Have they all become so unpopular because of the press they got about having more germs than a toilet?  I know I avoid them because of having that thought in my head.  But it seems like we need to bring them back!  What other ways can kids share a drink with the class without adding more trash to the environment?  Bring on the ideas!


  1. Well you could bring gallons of beverage, using small paper cups, which would be better than the plastic. But again, why does everyone need a beverage at every event? I don't get a drink while I'm at a 2 or 3 hour show or movie. It's a habit and it can easily be broken. Just say "No" to drinks and see how it goes once. It's worth a try I think!
    Can't wait to check out Mikey's site! :)

  2. I am so glad your little one is so keen on recycling and doing something for the said it right...we need to keep our eyes open for alternatives to plastic in our life...every step counts

  3. Thanks for the idea, Mom!

    And thanks to you, Sudha!