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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Story of Electronics - Pass It On

You've probably heard of Annie Leonard and 'The Story of Stuff' here comes the latest story:  The Story of Electronics.  Good info. and I'm trying to spread the word since they want 1/4 million people to watch it by Black Friday.  If you can help out, click below to watch and let me know what you think!  Have a Great Day!!! :) Kate
"This morning, we released our newest Story of Stuff Project movie - The Story of Electronics - a look at the 'design for the dump' mentality so prevalent in the electronics industry. 
This movie couldn't come at a better time:  this November, Americans are expected to spend over $8.5 billion on consumer electronics, motivated by enticements to buy gizmos we don't really need or to replace gadgets that are still working with slightly newer versions. 
The thing is, making all these devices takes an enormous SoElectronics_Still018_GreenChallenge environmental and public health toll: mining the metals trashes communities from Congo to Indonesia; assembling them uses huge amounts of water and energy and exposes workers to a host of toxic chemicals; and getting rid of them when we're on to the next, newer, better model creates mountains of e-waste. 
The good news is that while the production, consumption and disposal of short-lived, toxics laden electronics are a really big problem, the solution is pretty simple: Make 'em Safe, Make 'em Last, and Take 'em Back
We're releasing The Story of Electronics today to send a clear message to the electronics industry:  it's time to send that design for the dump mentality to the dump where it belongs and start making less toxic, longer lasting and more easily recyclable products. 
Our goal is to get a quarter of a million people to watch The Story of Electronics by Black Friday, just over two weeks from now. 
You can help us reach this goal by:
Every time we release one of our movies, we're floored by the way our community jumps in to spread the message. We know this time will be no different. 
So, thank you, and we hope you enjoy  The Story of Electronics!
Annie, Michael, Allison, Christina and Renee
The Story of Stuff Project Team"


  1. Just realized Beth Terry did a fabulous job covering this piece yesterday. She has great ideas of things consumers can do to help fix the problem. Read it here:

  2. I read a bit about this since you posted it. I think the funniest thing is all of these greenies complaining about how they're forced to buy this stuff. I work in software/IT...I haven't bought a 'new' computer since God knows when. I don't even power them on anymore, I do everything from my phone. I bet they all have LCD tv's because they "save energy".

    It's just so funny to me how some people can't see the forest. Perhaps that can be the void that you fill. Educating the whiny hypoctrites.