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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Plastic-Free Life's Show Us Your (Plastic) Trash Challenge

Happy New Year!!!

I've been saving my plastic trash for a while now, but never really tallying it up or documenting it, so in an attempt to make myself analyze it a little more this year, I'm going to take Beth Terry's (My Plastic-Free Life) challenge.  If you want to join me, the link is here:

Let me know if you're taking the challenge and what impact it makes on your life.

For some reason, my calling in life revolves around trash!  It's been a focal point in my life for a long time and I'm finally coming back around to it.  I used to save candy wrappers in my bedroom as a child because I thought they were too pretty to be thrown away.  I saved a lot of things like that, always wondering why we used things one time and then 'got rid' of them....where did they all end up?  So here I am in my 30's (almost 40's!) and thinking about trash consumes a lot of the time I spend on this earth.  When I found out how much food is thrown away each year in the U.S., it really astounded me, so I started to take a look at our food waste and what we could do about it.  We started composting and I can happily say we've cut our food waste down to almost nothing.  I just ordered some worms to try vermicomposting, so I'll do a whole entry on composting one of these days.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that thinking about (and actually analyzing) what we're doing is usually a good way to make a change (or decide that you like the way everything is going and stay the same).  Yes, life is short and it does take time to do things like this, but I think the time spent is worth it if it produces helpful results.  So, who's with me? :)


  1. Kate, what's it going to take to keep these worms healthy? I've read that these normally are setup indoors and then indoor flies become an issue (and the stench...) Anyway, good luck with it!

    I was thinking, if you could come up with a used 50 gallon plastic drum and dig it into the ground, below the frost layer, and have some big holes drilled in it to let water and worms in, wouldn't you have a naturally attractive 'vermicompost' setup? I know, plastic drums, yecch...maybe there's an alternative - steel might last a few years, so that's an option. Maybe a few old beer kegs!!! Are they stainless? Man, what a neat I'm interested.

  2. So far, so good with the worms....although I don't really dig for them, but they're still in there (there are holes in the bottom) and they have food and bedding, so I'm assuming they're happy. But then again, maybe they're dead and I just don't know it because I don't really go looking for them? I'll have to go on a search in the near future and keep you updated...:)