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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring of Sustainability 2012

The Shift Network is presenting a free program called 'Spring of Sustainability 2012:  Solutions for a Thriving New World.'  It starts today at 3 pm EST and continues throughout March and April.  There are lots of different presenters.  On April 10th, John and Ocean Robbins will present 'Green Lifestyles:  Eating as if the Earth Mattered'.  If you'd like to sign up, please visit
The webcasts will be available online if you can't make it to the live program.

There's also something cool happening called the '99% Spring'.  Unfortunately, I'm on Easter break at my parents' house when this is gearing up, but if you want more info., please check out:

Spring is in the air and my sons and I were so excited to see a great blue heron back at our neighborhood pond again this year.  We think it's the same one we've been spotting for the past 3 years, but I'm not sure about that...we never get close enough to be that sure and I'd have to do some research about whether or not these birds return to the same spot each year, but I guess it's possible.  What a cool-looking creature, though....The boys love to watch him/her and see what he's up to.  It also makes them want to clean up the pond, which, sadly, has filled up with litter since our last clean-up efforts.  I took some video of our pond and will work on getting them uploaded along with my next post about what I've been up to lately.

I also watched Oprah's show about transcendental meditation last night...very interesting!  Has anyone been doing this?  You can get more info. about it here:

I hope spring finds you and yours happy and healthy! :) Kate

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  1. This early Spring we are having is wonderful! I'm ready to treck around some paths to view all the pretty nature that is upon us. Working in my gardens brings great pleasure to me now until frost. My goal this year, as I am walking many new paths, is to always carry a bag to pick up trash that clutters these lovely areas. I am proud of your accomplishments up the pond in your neighborhood... and your sons will continue your work in the future. Let's give the birds and the animals in nature a chance to roam in a clean environment so that they may live healthy as well as give us the enjoyment of catching a glimse of one of God's precious creatures, as you sometimes get to see a glimse of the Blue Heron.