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Monday, May 17, 2010

We Can Do Better - My Challenge to You!

Just watched this video, like many others I've seen this year:

It makes me feel motivated to do more and do it faster since I know we all want a better world for future generations than the one we're leaving behind right now.

So here's my challenge:  Get rid of as many single-use plastics as you possibly can, as soon as you can.  Make it a thought that stays on your mind.  Use your purchasing power as your vote.  I watched an interesting video on the 10 R's of Sustainability made by high-schoolers and one of them said something so simple, yet so profound:  We need to slow down.  This is so true.  If we can slow down, we will be able to think about the choices we are making.  If we can slow down, we will be able to make the better choice.  If we can slow down, we will have more time to enjoy our lives.  We are being sold quickness and convenience, but we are losing what really matters the most.

It's a tough challenge.....Who will take it with me?  Let me know what you are giving up, trading in, finding alternatives for and how it's going!  I just made the decision to ask for my kids' drinks in glass, like the adults from now on when we eat at a restaurant.  JD drank from one at breakfast yesterday and did quite well.  If he can do it, so can the older boys!  Small steps...big changes...right now!  Are you with me?


  1. Well, I thought maybe I could get rid of plastic bags that I get my frozen fish in at Sam's Club, but if I buy it fresh from the Seafood Counter at Giant, they use plastic bags too. The nice thing about Sam's, is that they are in bulk and I'm not using as many bags. What I am planning to do, though is reuse these bags (since they are a thick plastic) and I am going to create (sew) some small carry-all bags from them.
    Also, I buy mostly frozen vegetables and they come in plastic bags. I just ordered my reusable produce bags (made from recycled soda bottles) and once I get them, I will try to buy more fresh produce and slowly switch over.
    We don't buy any water bottles and we don't buy any juices, sodas, etc. that come in plastic bottles.
    You can buy frozen juice cans (made of cardboard with a tin lid), like we used to back in the day and make your own juice.
    I will no longer buy soda a Chik Fil A because they only use styrafoam cups. I wonder if I brought my glass or my reusable plastic bottle with me if they would fill it up if I paid for the soda? A thought!!!
    I keep trying every day and your Blog definitely helps me stay in check....thanks for that!

  2. There are lots of things that don't have good alternatives right now that are really tough to get around. I don't think we can beat ourselves up about these things, but when there's a better choice to be made, we can make it...that's going to be my next blog post! :)
    You are doing so great, Mom!
    I really admire you! Keep up the great work!
    I would be interested to see what Chik Fil A has to say about that...if you are brave enough to ask the question, they might give you a good response!