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Monday, May 3, 2010

Slow down and notice the trees....and other stuff

Sorry for the lack of an original post, but I loved this micromovie and thought I'd pass it along in honor of Arbor Day which recently passed - it only takes 2 mins. to watch:

I found it from the comments section at Fake Plastic Fish since I agreed so much with what Clif said there (Here's just part of it):
"P.S. How about that Gulf oil spill – will it be the 3 mile island of deepwater drilling? Another holocaust for wildlife – from plankton right on up the food chain. We are outraged when a single innocent person suffers injury from others or when someone poisons a neighbor’s dog, but wildlife takes repeated blows from us and on we go."

I also think you'd probably love some other info. from Clif that can be found here:

If you get a chance to read his 'Life at 12 Miles an Hour', let me know what you think!:

If you have 4 mins. to spare, this video is definitely worth a watch...I think these guys really hit the message home with what they say about plastic:


  1. I totally agree with much of this. We are our own worst enemy and we can't stop. Do you hear me? We CAN'T stop. Our brain searches for new answers and knowledge to something every minute of every day. This leads our current society to build, improve, archive, and take all things to the point of excess. Until the acts of reducing, reusing, and coexisting will pay the bills, our children will still keep collecting, building, and destroying. It's by no fault of their own. Our brains are wired to do this exact thing.

    We need a paradigm shift by ALL of society to even make a start. A monetary value MUST be placed on the health of our planet, above our own health. We spend trillions of dollars on healthcare to keep us healthy in an unlikely environment. Doesn't it seem just as easy to spend those trillions on making our environment healthy which would then trickle down to our own health? Certainly...but this is the path our forefathers chose at a time when they couldn't know any better and this train is now moving at full speed.
    Where is superman when you need him???

  2. Interesting point, sikbrik. An article and following debate I thought you might enjoy here:

  3. I guess I should clarify that, by the health of our planet, I more directly mean how we fit 'healthily' into the scheme of our 'planetary progress'. I tend to agree with Carlin. Humans are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to earth. A big volcano will fix everything when we're gone. Might be nice to keep us around for a while, though. :)

    Thanks for the link, Kate.

  4. This weekend we took two trees to Mike and Neat's house to plant for Arbor Day. The red maple was started from one of Poppy's trees in Pottstown and the pine tree was started from our large pine in Maryland. I'm excited that they were planted this weekend and I look forward to seeing them grow.

  5. @Dolly - Hooray for tree planting!!! :)