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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Putting Little Green Thoughts Into Practice

There are a bunch of green things that I've heard I should be doing and I'm finally getting around to doing a few of them.  I still have a list of others waiting to be tried, but one at a time, I'm adding them up!  Here's what I'm up to:
  1. Putting the lid on my pots when I'm boiling water.  I've finally made this one a habit and I can definitely tell the difference in less cooking time.
  2. Catching 'gray' water in our shower.  I put 2 open top watering cans in our shower and catch the water that runs when our shower is heating up...since our house is built on a concrete slab, it seems like the hot water takes a while to get upstairs.  After each shower, we empty them into a big container with a lid to use for our garden.
  3. We've been doing cloth napkins for a while, but now I've started to think of ways to use less tissues.  This idea was stolen from my Mom, who does many green things that she doesn't give herself credit for!  Instead of using a tissue for my eye makeup remover, I started using one of the boys' old baby washcloths.  It's just as soft as a tissue and that's 365 tissues I will save this year!  Thanks, Mom! :)
  4. My Mom has to be the queen of quick showers...I think she would win a contest!  So taking my cue from her, I've started cutting down on shower time.  Once the water is hot, I quickly lather up my hair & rinse, then turn the water off while I condition my hair and wash my body.  I also skip showers on days that I'm home and not in need of one, which gives my hair a break and saves resources.  Still on my radar to try is getting rid of shampoo and conditioner in favor of more earth-friendly ones.  Has anyone tried this?
  5. I've been turning off all of the lights after the boys have gone to bed (usually around 8:30 pm) and working by candlelight or just keeping one small light on.  I'm looking into those Smart strips that conserve phantom energy for our tv, computer, etc. - who has these and do you have any recommendations?
Those are just a few that are on my mind right now, but I'll post more later.  What little green thoughts have you put into practice?  Thanks for reading and sharing!


  1. I like your suggestion to put lids on pots while cooking. I don't do this, but I will start tomorrow.
    Dad and I were yard sailing today and we came across a lady who makes tote bags, wallets, lunch bags, etc. out of used juice pouches, etc. I told her how you are into Terra Cycle and she is also. I should have bought one of here bags (cheap at $5.00), but I have so many already and I don't want to buy if I don't need it.
    As far as the that it is time to shave again....I no longer shave in the shower. I take my shower and then while I am drip drying, I shave my legs by the sink, running the water ever so slowly and the toilet makes a great foot rest while I do this. I believe this saves so much more water than shaving in the shower.
    I only do laundry now when I have a full load and I only use cold water, except when I wash my towels and sheets I use warm and then rinse in cold.
    I too am on a quest to see how much I can do without. As I run out of paper products and things that I use every day, like paper towels, I really don't need them....they are just a convenience.
    So, with your input and help my life will get greener every day.
    Here's a little poem I wrote for our State of Maryland, especially the Eastern Shore where we live:
    " We strive to live in a greener world...
    It's a challenge every day...
    But becoming aware and trying new things...
    We can help save the Cheseapeake Bay".

  2. I read this blog. It makes me consider some of the wasteful things that I do.

    Shaving - I fill the sink with about an inch of hot water and then just use that water to clean my razor while I shave. Pretty easy for a guy to do this one.

    I turn my shower knobs on halfway only. Same shower, less water.

    All of this is water savings. Where I have trouble is with the product conveniences. With my coffee, we try to use the 'my K cup' and brew our own ground coffee to save packaging but those darned k-cups are just too convenient. Cooper seems to be pushing the point, though, as we're pretty sure he discarded the k-cup holder from our machine. :( "TRASH!!!" is a new favorite word and process...

    We wear clothes FOREVER. I mean, my dear mother fixes my tee shirts that are falling apart and jeans that are worn thinner than a tissue.

    Speaking of which...@Dolly: what kind of boat do you take Yard Sailing??? LOL :) Love ya!

  3. Thanks for the thoughts!
    I love the shaving tips from both of you!
    Mom, I love your poetry!
    Sikbrik, great idea with the shower knobs!
    Convenience is a tough one...lots of TerraCyclers are hooked on K cups and trying to start a new K cup brigade...I'll keep you posted on that one.
    :) Welcome to the wonderful world of trash for toddlers....hold on to what's dear 'cause you may never find it or see it again! LOL!

  4. wonderful!! loved to see another blogger with similar view :)...great going buddy...we have a long way to go

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading, Sudha! I will have to stop by your blog! :)

  6. I like #2. What a great idea! And so simple! Thanks, Kate.