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Monday, April 12, 2010

The 40th Earth Day will be a very special one

Today I start the 39th year of my life...yes, I am the big 3-8!  I was born 2 years after the first Earth Day celebrations.  It is the big 4-0 for Earth Day this year!

I just checked a new book out of the library:  Whole Green Catalog:  1,000 Best Things for You and the Earth, edited by Michael W. Robbins.  Here's a small bit from the foreward by Bill McKibben:
"The series of interlocking environmental crises we now face - global warming, water shortage, food supply, peak oil - seem daunting.  That's because they are daunting, the worst cul-de-sac into which human beings have ever stumbled.  It will take every bit of wit and skill we have to chart a course through the next few decades - and it will demand real community and political engagement from everyone who cares.
But of course, that's the view from up high, taking in the whole sprawling mess.  It can also be viewed, productively, from down below, where each of us actually lives.  Where, a hundred times a day, we make small choices that influence the future, our own and the planet's."
(The emphasis is mine).  I am excited for this Earth Day because I think there is a collective consciousness rising that is the start of a new revolution - one that will treasure and protect this Earth that we live on.  We are all called to make a difference and so many are taking up the charge.  I am so thankful for all of you and encouraged by you!  You inspire me and give me courage to do better.  There are so many caring people, but the following are some I especially want to thank:

I LOVE this blog post by David McKay at:
I also want to give a shout out to Ryan Elizabeth Cope's thought-provoking blog (I think he is on course to be the Jamie Oliver of the 'plastic revolution'):

And to my own Mom, who has a beautiful new blog:

 To Green Lifestyle Consulting for their wonderful blog:

 And Beth Terry at Fake Plastic Fish:

 We always hear 'Let's make Earth Day every day' and this year I think there are enough people carrying the wave that it will keep rolling.....


  1. Kate!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. Thanks, sikbrik!!! :) Sorry I missed you last night...I didn't even hear the phone since the ringers are off and I was asleep by 9 pm. I am starting to show my age! :) That was actually a rarity for me, but I figured I would treat myself to some sleep for my was a very welcome treat! Hope everyone is doing well and hope to talk to you guys soon! xoxo

  3. Kate,
    Thanks for posting all of the links to the articles on plastic, electricity, fair trade, etc.!
    This weekend dad suggested we buy a case of water in plastic bottles to take along when we are on the road and I said we didn't need them because we can take our filtered water in our reuseable glasses and at the same time we would be helping the environment - I couldn't believe it....but he agreed.
    So no more plastic bottles for us! One step in the right direction - yes!

  4. Way to go, Mom!!! :)
    That is so exciting!!!