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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Environmental Toxins

Wanted to pass on this great link,28804,1976909_1976908_1976938,00.html from .

It's Time magazine feature on environmental toxins and the perils of plastic.

How do you feel about plastic in our everyday lives?  Any issues jumping out that you'd like to ponder, share or discuss?


  1. Regarding the article above...."Household Toxins"...I was surprised by the fact that Flouride in our toothpaste is not good. Should we be buying toothpaste without flouride?
    Also, the thing that scares me the most is the way people flush their pills down the toilet.
    And Asbestos has already it our family, because the last time dad was checked at the doctor, he said he has Asbestosis, which probably occured while working in the Plastic Industry.
    Very Sad :(

  2. The decluttering book I read recently INSTRUCTS you to flush old pills! YIKES! At least the pharmacy reminds you to throw them away. But then what happens?

    Let's not forget how many lives plastic has saved and how it's revolutionized the world around us. It has its place, used responsibly. That's not *gasp* vinyl siding and foam insulation on your house, is it?!?!? Get rid of that and we'll put more CFCs in your HVAC system to compensate, STAT!!!! lol

    I dunno. I'm all for fixing the problem but just knowing what's wrong doesn't really push me toward a solution. Can I be more selective and cautious? Yes. Can I avoid these evils? Not in today's society with my current paycheck. Sorry!

  3. @Dolly - I don't really know what to say about Fluoride...I don't know which side of the issue to believe. Is the amount in toothpaste harmless since it's not swallowed? Not sure on this one...anyone else want to way in?


    @sikbrik - many municipalities are now taking unused drugs back for safe disposal. I'm not sure what they do with it - I guess it is wrapped in plastic and stored somewhere??

    I don't deny the fact that plastic has revolutionized the world, but at what cost? I'm not very happy about the vinyl siding on my house when I think about the bad effects that PVC could have on my children and future generations. Taking it down now, though, doesn't seem like a better option since it will still exist, only to be used by someone else.

    For insulation, I think they are making a lot of progress with denim and other more natural fibers?

    I understand the financial impact of something like buying a green brand vs. P&G or something that is so heavily discounted and offers coupons which make it even more affordable. It's harder to find 'deals' on some green items, but I think it will get easier as time goes by.

    Baby CAN avoid a lot of the evils. You have purchasing power every day. Lots of communities are starting gardens...ours is offering free 10'x10' plots this year. A handful of organic seed packets cost me little more than 10 bucks.
    It will be a lifestyle change because some of our free time will be spent gardening and socializing with other like-minded gardeners, but I consider that a positive thing. We take time out for the boys' sports, so why not take time for something as important as feeding our bodies healthy foods?

    It's all overwhelming if you bite it off as one chunk. Find something small that you CAN do and make it a habit. One good habit leads to another and before you know it, it isn't as hard as it looks.