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Thursday, April 15, 2010

No More Blog Music

Please come back to my blog!!  I turned off the music so it won't bug you...sorry!  It was a lesson to be learned! :)


  1. A blog post directed solely at me? I'm honored. But seriously, I didn't mind the music and I visit your blog all the time...even pass it on to friends. Thanks for the consideration, though. :) Now I can more easily slack during the day.

    FWIW, I thought it was a great song for your blog and suits the theme perfectly. If you decide to put it back, just shoot me a heads-up so I can go with headphones before visiting.

  2. :) Well, I appreciate the heads up! I hadn't given the working crowd much 'consideration' with the sound...and then once you brought it to my attention, I realized there were probably many others in your situation!

    I love the song ("Man in the Mirror" for those who missed it!), but I figure if anyone wants to hear it, they can easily find it and play it in the background themselves...:)

    I also changed some of my colors today but I'm trying to get rid of the red/green combos since I'm not sure how that will be for people who are colorblind.

    Any other considerations regarding blog layout?

  3. If you want to hear music....come to my blogs :)

  4. I love your music!!!
    Did you notice that I added you to my blog list on the right?