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Monday, March 15, 2010

Battery Recycling

Since yesterday was 'Spring ahead' day, I remembered that it's a recommendation to change your smoke alarm and CO2 alarm batteries at this time to make sure they keep working.  When we do that, I've noticed that our batteries are not completely dead.  They will still work for small toys or other small items that need them.  So I've been saving them up in a little container for when they are needed.

If they are truly dead, you can (and should!) recycle them.  Most Home Depot stores will take batteries for recycling (check in the tool dept. or at the front desk).  Many municipalities will also take these at their local recycling center (ours does - yeah!).  If neither of these is an option for you, check out .

Think about your battery usage and try to find ways to make it greener.  Please share your tips with us here!


  1. Great information Kate! Dad has to change ours this week. We always recycle our batteries.

  2. Also, you can recycle the new compact fluorescent light bulbs at the bin by customer service area at the HOME DEPOT. They contain small amount of mercury, and should not go in the trash!

  3. @kuka - Thanks! I didn't know that - great tip!