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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Basket Reuse Craft

When my middle son went to preschool at St. Andrew's in Cherry Hill, he had such wonderfully creative teachers, Mrs. Huff and Mrs. Minardi.  They gave out Valentine baskets and I thought they were fabulous!  They made them out of 1/2 gallon ice cream containers (after the ice cream is gone and they are washed out, of course!), tissue paper and decorations.  I stole the idea and gave it a twist:  Easter baskets!

I love them because they are taking some stuff that would otherwise end up in a landfill and giving it a cool new life!  You can have everybody on the block saving their ice cream containers for you and you will end up with enough to give out to a whole classroom full of kids!

Here's what you need to make one:
  • 1/2 gallon ice cream container - washed out
  • 1 sheet of tissue paper (this can be reused, too....lots of times you have used tissue paper from gifts sitting around and for this project, it doesn't matter if it's crinkly or not!)
  • Another small scrap of tissue paper for the inside bottom.
  • glue (I just use Elmer's glue in a big bottle, but rubber cement would work well for this, too)
That's it!  First, you glue the small scrap of tissue paper to the inside bottom of the ice cream container.  It will go up the sides a little and that's good!  Next, you set the ice cream container in the middle of the sheet of tissue paper and bring one side up and around the ice cream container and glue it to cover the inside.  From there, you just continue around the ice cream container until the tissue paper is all glued - sort of like wrapping a present, but you are gluing, too.  This will get easier with practice and you will figure out better ways of doing it each time!  The ice cream container will be wrapped in tissue paper. 

Now you can decorate to your heart's content.  You can add a handle by stapling a stiff piece of paper or paper board to the sides of the container and decorate the handle however you want.  I added little scraps of ribbon that I had left over from some balloons we were given (balloons usually have such pretty ribbon attached to them and it's usually pretty long, so it can live another life if you cut it off before you get rid of the balloon).  Mrs. Huff & Mrs. Minardi used glitter glue to decorate theirs.  They didn't have handles, but they decorated the lids so the kids could close them up later (this is a little tricky because sometimes the lid rips the tissue paper or doesn't fit because of the tissue paper).

You could use this idea for any special basket and it makes a cute little container to give a gift, too, if you also save and decorate the lid.

Here are some pictures of the baskets I made last year for my son's preschool class (purple for girls, blue for boys):

Here are the ones I made this year for my religious ed. class (green for boys, purple and pink for girls):

I hope you have fun with this craft!  I'd love to hear what reuse crafts you make!


  1. Kate,
    You are my inspiration in life! You take ordinary things and make them into these adorable baskets. You put so much thought and time into doing this and your talents are unlimited! I think you should start a "Green Page" somewhere online where everyone can see these.
    Mom :)

  2. I also think you should go work for GREENOPOLIS!

  3. Meh, greenies are everywhere on the web. What we need is a REAL voice. This blog is GREAT for what it is but Kate could never have the time to get done what she truly desires. Kate is like St Peter to the green's foundation, the silent champion at the core of it all...but Jesus got the message across. There needs to emerge a Greenie Savior ("Mother Earth", perhpas?) with a FACE and a VOICE.

    Do you think Obama would have been elected by the people if he had only a GREAT blog and website?

    Do you think average people would hate GreenPeace so much if they only blogged instead of assaulting human lives for the sake of animals?

    It's the voice and the face that the rest of us need someone like Kate (dedicated to the cause yet still rational) to be but, alas, her life does not offer her that option.

    Keep the good stuff coming for us, your loyal followers and the foundation of the movement and we'll hope for a savior elsewhere.

  4. :) what about you, sikbrik? heed the call!

  5. Here are some other great reuse crafts from the Laurie Berkner Band (LOVE them!!!):

  6. @sikbrik - If Oprah were devoted to only being a Greenie she would be a good savior! She has the following and the face and the voice. But I'm a big believer in the grassroots movement and I think it's rising in this country again for some good causes!

  7. Thanks for this informative post. In case you haven't heard, Recyclebank has just teamed up with Greenopolis! Now you can earn both Recyclebank and Greenopolis points everytime you recycle. Check out this video-- I learned about the news here.